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Our Approach

Early Childhood Development in Norwalk, CT

When it comes to finding the right daycare, especially for early childhood development in Norwalk, CT, Baby Beluga Family Daycare is there for your child’s needs. Putting the care of your child in our hands is a responsibility we take very seriously, which is why we offer a patient and positive learning environment. Our staff has studied the works of leading professionals and researchers in early development to ensure a quality upbringing for your child.

Baby Beluga Family Daycare offers daytime care for toddlers and infants. Our extensive daycare program prepares children for preschool from two months old and creates an enriching environment for the best developmental growth.

Our Approach to Caring for Your Child

It’s important to us to offer affordable care, especially because we know and understand that you work hard for your family; taking the stress out of cost and care will help you stay focused on what you need to do while your child receives the attention they need in a safe space. We operate with the following principles:

  • Quality Care Means Caring for the Whole Child (Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally)

  • Children Learn in Different Ways, and We Respect That

  • Secure Attachments Developed in the First Years of Life Promote Growth and Emotional Well-Being

  • Learning is Exciting, and Children are Eager to Learn

  • We Observe and Understand Every Child’s Unique Skills

  • Children Learn at Their Own Pace

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